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Home - MetaCollection of CGI, PHP, Perl related script archives and resources

Other Resources

MetaCollection recommends several additional CGI and PHP related resources.


Screenshot Codewalkers

Codewalkers is a community supported resource for PHP and SQL related tutorials and PHP code. A nice feature is the coding contest which is claimed to be a '... chance to show off your skills to the whole world'. In case your skills are not good enough to be shown to the whole world you might read through the book reviews area and learn which book could help to improve your knowledge. Should you run into problems during your learning process you will probably find answers to your questions in the forum.



Screenshot PHPClasses.org

PHP Classes Repository is a base of over 1.100 freely available programming classes of objects written in PHP. Users can be subscribed to be notified by e-mail when a new class is added.


DMOZ Categories

Screenshot DMOZ Categories

The Open Directory Project is an excellent source of server side scripting resources.


PHP / Scripts / Collections

Category for PHP script collections and listings.


PHP / Resources

List of PHP related resources such as tutorials, books, collections, directories and other client and server side programming.


CGI / Scripts and Programs / Collections and Directories

CGI script collections and directories mixed in one category.


Perl / Directories

Perl and CGI related script archives.


Perl / Scripts / Collections

Category for more or less small Perl and CGI script collections run by programmers and developers.


Perl / Scripts / Free Script Collections

List of fee Perl script collections.





A huge amount of open source projects are hosted on Sourceforge.


Zend Code Gallery

As the core developer of PHP Zend provide useful information on their portal.







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